Most of us who have experienced life with cats know that the majority of our feline friends don’t like water. The hilarious kitty in this video seems to be the exception to that rule, however.

Sid, the shower cat, is very clearly the annoying sibling that hogs the shower.  Surely, if you’ve ever been on the other side of the bathroom door, counting down the minutes you have left to get ready and leave for school, you can relate to the frustration of Sid’s sister, Katie the Great Dane. Sorry, Katie, looks like Sid is taking his own sweet time in there … you might have to skip the bath this morning!


While Sid’s love of water may seem unusual, he is actually in good companyThere are some cat breeds that have been well-documented to not mind being in the water, whether that means jumping into the bathtub, wanting to have a nice, leisurely swim or just washing their face in the bathroom sink. It’s great that these kitties have overcome their aqua-phobia … but we’re sure Katie wishes Sid weren’t one of them!