Lola the pug was stolen from the home she lived in with her mom, Kate Witham, in Harlow, England, in west Essex, earlier this month. Fortunately, after local police zeroed in on three suspects who they thought had burgled several homes in the area, they found Lola and reunited her with mom Kate.

Lola, incredibly, got her happy ending, and it looks like she was the only pet stolen from someone’s home since the string of burglaries began. Three suspects in the area were arrested on charges of conspiracy to burgle, although one suspect, a young woman in her early 20s, who was suspected of kidnapping Lola, was released due to the fact that not enough evidence was found to continue holding her for the crime.


Other kidnapped dogs aren’t as fortunate as Lola. In 2011, the American Kennel Club reported that 224 dogs had been stolen in just the first seven months of the year, which amounted to a 49 percent increase in dognappings from the same time period the year before. Unfortunately, it’s not likely that all those dogs made it back to their original families, although, Lola’s story proves that there is some hope out there for pet parents whose fur babies have been stolen from them.