There are days when life really just gets in the way of relaxing. Or sometimes the stress of events, especially unexpected events, just take a toll on our minds and bodies. In stressful moments our minds may not be able to concentrate, our focus weakens, and our sleep patterns possibly fall out of whack.

At these times, it’s a nice reminder to take a deep breath and take a look at your beloved cat and have him (or her) remind you how to relax and allow yourself to reboot and recharge. Do you not have a loveable purr-box? Maybe it’s time to add a loving feline to your family; to do so, make sure you visit your local shelters and rescue a wonderful cat!


Below are five ways that cats can help remind you to relax during a bad day or a stressed out moment. These are also reasons it’s great to have a cat or maybe to see it’s time for you to add one to your family!

1. Take a Catnap!

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Do you know all those times you walk through your home and see your little ball-of-fur sleeping in their favorite spot – take a note! If you are having a rough day, feeling out of it, or just need a moment, try to take a catnap and reboot.  As the Mayo Clinic notes, napping for adults can offer the benefits such as relaxation, improved mood, and increased alertness; just aim to keep naps short, between 10 to 30 minutes, for best results.

2. Remember Vitamin D!

Have you ever watched your cat go into a room to lounge in the warm sun? Well, remember you need some of that Vitamin D and warmth as well. The “sunshine” vitamin can assist in making you feel more alert, energetic, and healthier. While bathing in the warmth, it can help improve your mood.  


3. Take Some Time for YOU

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You know those days where it seems like a whirlwind going through and you never have a free minute to slow down or just think – take a lesson from the cat: take some YOU time! As our cats go into their favorite place and just “do their thing” in peace, we should take notice and remember to do that for ourselves. Sometimes we just need a minute to gather our thoughts and take a break; we cannot take care of things we need to if we do not take care of ourselves.

4. Partake in Playtime

Do you see your cat playing with their favorite toy?  Don’t they look like they are having so much fun? Well, go have fun with them! Make sure to take some time and let them know that you adore them by playing with them while also taking a break from the stressors of life. This will not only be good for your cat’s emotional state it will also assist in improving yours! Purina website notes research shows spending 15 to 30 minutes with a cat assist in calming your nerves and boosting mood.

5. Get Some Exercise



Have you watched your cat having some fun running around and exercising, stretching? Get some of that in yourself! Get out there, or in your house – whichever works better, and exercise a little bit. Take a run or walk around your neighborhood (mixing in that “sunshine” vitamin) or take part of the cat stretching and do some yoga. Feel up for a little bit more? Add in some strength training! It has been proven that exercising can boost your mood and even ease symptoms of anxiety and depression.

As much as cats have their own style and personalities, their ways of relaxing and enjoying themselves can teach us all ways to deal with our days!

Image Source: Takashi Hososhima/Flickr