Interspecies friendships never fail to both perplex us and warm our hearts at the same time. Animals all use their own language to communicate, but somehow, members of the animal kingdom are able to overcome their differences and find their besties. We don’t know how they manage to make friends in spite of being so different from one another, but we sure love it when they do, because it pretty much means that adorable and photo-worthy moments are guaranteed. For example, the orange kitty in these photos is visited by their deer friend every morning. We’ve proven time and time again that cats and dogs are, in fact, capable of being great friends, but this? This friendship really is something special.

You might be thinking, “Really?” Us, too. But surprise, this isn’t the first documented deer/cat friendship on record. 

“Kiss me, you fool.”

“It’s a lot of fur to groom, but if I don’t do it, I know you won’t.”

“Hugs! You know I love ya.”




Strange? Yes. Cute? Also yes. But while we’re busy squeeing over the adorableness that is a friendship between a cat and a deer, there’s also a lesson to take away.  Plus – we promise there are many more super-cute animal friendships, like this puppy and this magpie. It’s almost too sweet to be real. Just saying, maybe we humans could learn a little something about loving each other for our differences from these two — and all interspecies friendships.

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All image source: Imgur