One look at this calf and cat and it’s clear to see that this pair are the best of friends. The calf, with its docile nature, doesn’t mind one bit that its kitty BFF is in need of a good cuddle and happily acts as a rubbing post. Of course, the cat returns the favor, offering itself as a head rest for the young calf.

This feline-bovine friendship isn’t just off the charts on the cute-o-meter, it also shows how animals are a lot like humans when it comes to forming friendships. According to scientists, many animals share abilities once considered exclusive to humans, including some emotions, tool use, counting, certain aspects of language and even a moral sense. Studies now are even starting to look at how inter-species relationships can help humans form healthier relationships with one another.

While many people who have cared for a cat or dog will say that their own companion animals show emotions, fewer people acknowledge that farm animals can feel the same sentiments. This video is just one of many that can help to show people just how human-like farm animals, like this calf, are and help all of us recognize the inherent worth of the animals who share this world with us.