We know that friends come in all shapes and sizes in the human world. But more and more we are learning the same can be witnessed with animals! Although we like to think that humans are the only creatures capable of compassion and extending our love to a species other than our own (even though we’re not always the greatest at doing so), when we look to the animal kingdom we see interspecies friendships everywhere!

We’ve seen Pit Bulls and deer, cats and squirrels, dogs and birds, and a whole bunch of other odd-couple besties. So really, we shouldn’t be all too shocked about the friendship of Ingo the German Shepherd and Poldi the owl, but we are still pretty amazed.

These photos are all taken by Tanja Brandt, a professional animal photographer from Germany. When Ingo and Poldi aren’t posing for pictures, Brandt likes to take the two for walks and states on her Facebook page, that although they’ve become big Internet stars, these two are really quite normal.

Ingo and Poldi can often be spotted out in nature, playing with sticks and running/flying through streams.

“So Poldi, what adventure should we go on today?”

“Okay, I’ll hold this end, you grab the other and start flying … I think we can move this!”

Owls might not usually love the water, but with Ingo by her side, Poldi stops for a dip.

When it comes to hauling heavy tree branches back to shore, Poldi is always happy to lend a hand. I.e. sit pretty until they’re on land again.

After a long day of adventures, these two like to cuddle up together.

 There’s nothing like having a friend by your side when life gets tough.

Thank goodness Ingo has Poldi, otherwise reading out loud in the woods would just be weird.

We don’t know about you, but if Ingo and Poldi are looking for a third best friend, we would definitely take them up on the offer. Especially if espresso is involved!


To follow this dynamic duo, check out Tanja’s website and Facebook page.

All image source: Tanja Brandt