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It’s a sad, sorry fact that there are humans out there who make the choice to abuse, terrorize, and exploit man’s best friend. For many Pit Bulls, this means an existence of being forced to fight for their lives. Pit Bulls are the unfortunate favorite of dog fighters simply because of how they’re born. Their muscular bodies, large statures, and fierce loyalty to humans make them “ideal” for this barbaric sport.

Day in and day out, they’re trained to be more and more aggressive by being goading into attacking other dogs, known as bait dogs. These dogs are typically smaller, weaker animals that are seen as “prey” to teach larger dogs to kill.

Many of them never survive, but one dog named Gordon did. He was rescued from a dog fighting ring in Akron, Ohio, and the story that follows is no less than amazing.

Meet Gordon. Gordon was only a puppy when his humans chose to use him as a bait dog in the illegal dog fighting industry

They pulled Gordon’s teeth so he would never be able to defend himself from the vicious attacks of other dogs. They destroyed his vocal cords so that his cries for help would never be heard. His eyesight is permanently damaged from the neglect that he experienced. 

Many bait dogs like Gordon never survive, but he was one of the lucky few. In late 2014, Gordon’s salvation came when law enforcement busted the Akron dog fighting ring that had made his existence torture.

After his rescue, Gordon struggled in his foster home, but nobody was ready to give up on him. Daniel Makara, the founder of Cleaveland Dog Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, was called upon to help Gordon find a family. 

Although it was a struggle to help the young Pit Bull overcome his trauma, Makara never gave up on him. “Patience, fairness and structure is what Gordon needs,” Makara said, while petting Gordon. “Every dog deserves a second chance. Huh, Gordon?”

Today, Gordon lives with his forever family in Ohio, where he has a one-year-old human sibling. His past behind him, Gordon will never again face the horrors that he was saved from. 



It breaks our hearts that poor Gordon suffered through so much in his short life, but it’s a reality that we need to face if we’re ever going to put an end to dog fighting. No Pit Bull or any other dog deserves to fight for entertainment. If a dog like Gordon can recover from such abuse and still find room in his heart for love to blossom, then don’t all Pit Bulls deserve a chance?

All image source: Karen Schiely/Akron Beacon Journal