Oogy the dog came to live with this loving family as the result of some of the most unfortunate circumstances. You see Oogy is a pit bull and he came from a fighting dog ring. However, his story is not one that we typically hear; he was not taught to be an attack dog or to be overly aggressive to please his owner. Oogy was a bait dog.

As author and guardian of Oogy, Larry Levin, explains in the video, when he was first told Oogy was a bait dog, the reality of what this dog had faced didn’t register. When we hear the word “bait,” we think of fish chum or little worms used for fishing–but in this case, Oogy was the bait, fed to the fighting dogs to teach them how to kill.

Despite the brutal attacks and long recovery, Oogy endured and now lives with a family that loves him unconditionally, even though he lost a ear and has a few battle scars. There aren’t many happy endings that come out of situations like Oogy’s, but his is one so unique and inspiring that Levin wrote a book entitled “Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love.”

And what an inspiration he is! This former bait dog is living proof you can go through the most horrific experience imaginable and then come out on the other side, not just okay, but able to find love and happiness.

For more information on Oogy’s story, check out the Oogy the Book Facebook page.

Image source: Oogy the Book/Facebook