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Willa, a sweet blue pit bull, was found wandering along the streets of Los Angeles earlier this year.

At first, she may have just looked like another battered stray, but Willa’s story runs deeper. Her rescuers found her starved and suffering from infected abscesses, reports Dogster. But after checking her microchip at a local shelter, her story turned more sinister – she came from a household whose owners were known to engage in dog fighting activities.

Although Willa was discovered as a stray, the shelter refused to allow her back into the hands of her abusive owners. Her injuries proved to be those found commonly among bait dogs, or those used to train aggression in fighting dogs. She had scarring “all over her body” and fresh bites and scratches, reports Dogster.

Willa before (when she was just discovered from the streets)

Somehow, Willa survived through this endless torture and escaped her miserable fate.

Now, Willa has a new destiny – the life of a beloved pooch!

After her shelter rescue, she was taken in by Los Angeles-based nonprofit, Karma Rescue, who provided her with loving care and medical attention. During her stay with foster mom Alex Tonner, Willa suffered from severe anxiety and was hesitant to make eye contact.

With time and endless patience and love, Willa was able to let go of her previous struggles and anxieties and grab hold of her new life. She even became a part of the Karma Rescue Canine Good Citizen program to bust misconceptions that surround pit bulls.

Willa after treatment and care

Willa has since been adopted into a forever home and lives with four other dogs on a three-acre property in Pacific Palisades, Calif. – a great breath of fresh air for a highly deserving young dog.

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Image source: Karma Rescue Facebook Page