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one green planet

Have you ever heard the term monkey see monkey do? Well, this video might make us have to come up with a new term; doggy see, doggy do!

When Oakland the Pit Bull sees his human sister Kailyn dancing around the living room, he knows he has to join in and show her how it’s done. He keeps up pretty well until she reveals her signature move, the cartwheel!

Cartwheels can be pretty tough – and that’s just when you’re a human. It’s got to be even harder when you’re a dog who’s never done one before. Still, this pup is not one to turn down a challenge!

Oakland’s family rescued him last year and he’s already become irreplaceable. When Oakland isn’t playing with his human BFF, he acts as an advocate for Pit Bulls, helping to build a positive image for these dogs. Sadly, many people stereotype Pit Bulls and other bully breeds as being aggressive and vicious – as you can see from Oakland … that’s hardly the case across the board.

To learn more about Oakland and his family, check out their Facebook page.