The intelligence of dolphins is often underestimated. We know that dolphins can learn tricks and sadly, this ability has lead humans to capture these animals from the ocean and put them into tanks for the purpose of our entertainment. Yet, when we come to understand the deep and complex cognitive abilities of these animals, their smarts extend far beyond the ability to follow direction and do flips for food.

Did you know that dolphins are capable of conveying around 20 times more information with their mode of communication than humans can with speech? Basically, this means that not only can they tell each other that they saw a fish, but they can also give the location and describe the fish in one vocalization … pretty incredible. All the more reason that these animals deserve to live wild and free in the oceans, not locked up in tanks.


The dolphins in this video are wild and they are so pleased with this freedom that they want to just give a big kiss to anyone who passes them by – in this instance, that someone is a dog!

This awesome clip comes from “Dolphins” a documentary made by MacGillivray Freeman Films, founders of the One World One Ocean Campaign. To learn more, click here.