There are very few things that can stand between a dog and their guardian. As Emma, the Pit Bull in this video proves, not even a debilitating disability can prevent a pup from showing their love for their human.

Emma was adopted from Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehab (SNARR) and was born with severe paralysis in her back legs. Emma’s mom writes on YouTube, “Emma has had several wheelchairs. Unfortunately, she refuses to use any of them. We have had custom ones made even … she’s always been this way. Emma has no idea she’s ‘special.'”


But the inability to use her hind legs has never slowed Emma down — especially when it comes to showing some love for her dad.

Emma’s human dad is in the Air Force and frequently goes on tours and has to be away from home. As they say, absence only makes the heart grow fonder, and when Emma’s dad finally comes home, their reunions are always epic!