Album art for music has been a huge part of expressing an artist’s vision for their work since the dawn of the album itself. Whether that artwork was designed to grace the front cover of a vinyl album, an 8-track, a cassette tape or a CD, the front cover told the listener something about the artist, the songs or even just the general vibe of the tunes within.

Nowadays, with the advent of digital and streaming music, people are buying less and less hard copies, but that doesn’t mean that cover art has gone by the wayside. Albums today still feature some of the coolest and most creative artwork around, from high-concept drawings and paintings to crystal clear photography, and no subject is more beautiful or captivating for these albums than animals.


Think about it, where else can you get such a variety of colorful muses, frightful adversaries, stoic champions or silly comedians outside of the animal kingdom? We know that we get inspired the minute we see incredible birds in flight or lovable dogs and we know you do too. So, in no particular order and without further adieu, we bring you 15 totally badass album covers that feature animal artwork.

Maybe you’ll even wanna turn one of these into your computer wallpaper. It’s the greener, new millennium version of tacking the cardboard cover to your vinyl on the wall over your bed … we’re looking right at you Green Day.


1. One Republic: Native



2. Ivoryline: There Came a Lion


3. Weezer: Raditude

4. Thirty Seconds to Mars: This is War


5. Friendly Fires: Pala

6. Gallows: In The Belly of The Shark

7. Keane: Under the Iron Sea


8. Kvelertak: Kvelertak


9. Rick Springfield: Working Class Dog



10. Prodigy: The Fat of the Land


11. Fleetwood Mac: Mystery to Me


12. Luke Haines: Rock and Roll Animals


13. The Nix Dicksons: All Girls Want

14. This Town Needs Guns: Animals

15. Pink Floyd: Atom Heart Mother


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