We just love how art can bring the most surreal situations to life. Whether it’s a park filled with larger-than-life animals or even graffiti that makes us think about nature, art has a wonderful way of shaking up our everyday lives. The chalk art done by David Zinn is no exception.

You might think that you had some skills when it came to making sidewalk chalk masterpieces, but we entreat you to take a look at some of Zinn’s creations.


Just check out this little piggy attempting to entice a fish.

Zinn has been creating designs on the streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan since 2001

Zinn’s art brings a touch of the animal world to the concrete walkways of the big city.

Each of these sidewalk masterpieces are improvised on the spot.

It’s amazing how chalk and charcoal can create such vivid works.

We would be a little bit nervous about walking on this – look out for mice and pitfalls!

While these images are incredibly cute, they also address real questions about how we treat animals.

As Green Monsters, we can’t look at this piece and not think about the millions of cats waiting to be adopted in animal shelters.

Don’t fret little guy! The tortoise wins in the end.

Some of Zinn’s pieces are just plain adorable. We love the clever use of the street light to bring another dimension to this piece.

Be careful not to dip your toes in the fish pond on your way to lunch!

Take that dragon plant!

These drawings are so real, we’re tempted to poke in and wave hello to these little guys!

We think every city could use some David Zinn artwork. Everyone would be in such a good mood all the time if these little creatures were around.

Is that a little Green Monster we see?! Well, it’s official, David Zinn MUST come to New York.


All image source: David Zinn