When you sit at a desk all day, be it in school or in an office, it can be easy to disengage with the natural world. You probably have scanned through the news here or there and noticed stories that detail the utter destruction of the natural environment. Maybe you even stopped and watched a time lapse video of the melting glaciers in the Arctic, but chances are this video didn’t make climate change seem any more real to you.

We get it, being immersed in a culture that largely ignores the importance of nature makes feeling disconnected from ecosystem collapse easy. Although we might pretend our society has developed as a separate entity, or perhaps a parallel entity, from the natural world – our existence is highly dependent on the existence of nature. Everything from the air we breathe, water we drink, and food we eat comes from nature – don’t let creative packaging convince you otherwise!

In an effort to illustrate the disconnect between humans and the natural world, street artists have begun to bring the wild elements of nature into urban settings. Highlighting the stark lack of natural elements from these urban scenes, this art provokes us to reexamine our relationship with the environment and question whether distance is a good thing.


This might just appear to be a small shed, but it’s likely this roof is home to more than just the spray paint birds.

Street Art and NatureWD Street Art

We bet hundreds of people consider this street a roadway, never stopping to see that something other than cars shared the space.

Street Art and NatureErnest Zacharevic

This city just got a delivery!

Street Art and NatureBanksy

If this doesn’t make you rethink how we treat the planet, we don’t know what will …


Nature is more than just plants.

Street Art and NaturePao Pao

If allow elephants to be poached into extinction, this will just have to do as the next best thing.

Street Art and NatureBanksy

What a beautiful reminder of how closely we’re connected to the natural world.

Street Art and NatureStreet Art Utopia

Trees have a funny way of growing against all odds.

Street Art and NatureBored Panda

Yup, that’s natural too!

Street Art and NatureBanksy

We can pretend the damage we’re doing to the planet won’t amount to anything, but the environment begs to differ …

Street Art and NatureBanksy

When pushed far enough, the natural world might even choose to fight back. 

Street Art and NatureBanksy

But regardless of how complicated, and strained our relationship might be, we can never forget that we need one another. So, it is important to be kind.

Street Art and NatureFauxReel