one green planet
one green planet

Sometimes, we find ourselves running from our hours at school or the office and back home to errands without a chance to slow down and really experience the natural world around us.

Sure, we might witness the ruffle of tree leaves or hear the last notes of a bird’s song as we drive home or to the store, but usually nature takes a back seat to many of our other daily activities, even though plenty of research studies over the years have proven that time outdoors is one of the keys to a healthy and happy life.

Thankfully, there are artists we can turn to remind us of the true essence of what we’re missing.

Photographer and filmmaker Michael Shainblum is just one of these amazing artists.

His stunning new time-lapse video of California’s changing landscape is quite a sight to behold. In just 3.5 minutes, you’ll witness 12,400 images showing off the state’s beautiful deserts, mountains, and coastlines along with breathtaking shots of various atmospheric conditions from foggy days to starry nights.

Places featured in the film include Mono Lake, Anza Borrego Desert, Trona Pinnacles, La Jolla Coves, Santa Ynez, the Santa Barbara Mountains, and Big Sur, along with many other amazing sights.

Taken together, these photographs showcase the malleability of nature and its power to endure despite the encroachment of human development. Of course, this does not mean we should push our natural environment to its very limits. Instead, Shainblum’s video can serve as inspiration to renew our push to save the beautiful lands we call home.

Now, go ahead and hit “play” to watch Shainblum’s short time-lapse film “Into the Atmosphere” below! It’ll make you want to jump out of your seat and reconnect with nature — guaranteed!


Check out more of Michael Shainblum’s stunning work on his Facebook page and website.

Image source: Michael Shainblum / Vimeo