It’s not hard to be a nature lover, even the most cosmopolitan person can appreciate the sublime beauty of nature in its purest form – although they may only view it from their computer screen. While some people may consider themselves more outdoorsy than others, we can all appreciate the subtle details and vibrant colors that are distinctively produced by mother nature.

Take these stunning photos for example. Scrolling through these vivid shots, you may find yourself having to pick your jaw off the ground…just warning!


These photos are a selection from “Nature’s Secrets,” a photo contest run by the Society of International Nature and Wildlife photographers. Hundreds of photographers submitted photos of creatures large and small. Below is a sampling of the top 23. Sit back and prepare to be amazed:

The winning submission from Michael Hagege features a baby monkey and his mother taking shelter from the cold in a hot spring in Japan.

This little smiling Gecko must know how stunning he is.

Have you ever seen a Peregrin falcon, let alone been this up close and personal with one?


Although squirrels seem to be everywhere, when was the last time you stopped to appreciate one?

Only in nature can you find an image that is so starkly tragic and unbearably gorgeous in the same scene.


Ever get that feeling when you’re in the forest that you’re being watched?

Some people think lady bugs are good luck, others think they’re a nuisance. Either way, can you take your eyes off them?


If this flower looks vibrant to you, imagine what this Hoverfly is seeing.

Do you spot two dragonflies in this photo?

Is there anything more serene than a Snipe stopping to preen?

In reality this owl is probably moving at the speed of light, but here he is frozen in time.

The more you stare at this one, the more you notice the subtle details.

We wonder what this little bird is telling his attentive friends.


“I got the tree! I got the tree!”

We might not be able to see the spider, but we know it’s hiding somewhere!

Now this is effective camouflage.

Even if you are terrified of spiders, can you help but be mesmerized by this floating guy?

Okay, jaw officially on floor.

 Bet you’ve never seen seaweed like this before…

You can almost feel the water.

A steady hand + a little patience = one incredible photo.