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We all know rock classics like Another One Bites the DustSmells Like Teen Spirit and Addicted to Love. But do you also know, Another One Rides the BusSmells Like Nirvana and Addicted to Spuds? Of course you do, because those are Weird Al Yankovic songs.

While Weird Al is largely known for his hilarious parodies of today’s most overplayed radio hits, he is becoming known more and more for his love of animals and being a vegan – who knew! Weird Al’s latest album, “Mandatory Fun” recently launched and on June 19, 2014, Yankovic tweeted that he would be releasing a new music video each day for eight consecutive days starting on July 14.



In honor of this epic release, we are spotlighting the eight times that Weird Al proved he was a Green Monster (though with his history of loving animals, there are probably many more).

1. He hasn’t eaten meat since the 90s


Think of all the things you wish you’d given up in the 90s, platform sneakers? Using excessive amounts of hair gel? Well, Weird Al gave up meat in the 90s.

After reading Diet For a New America by John Robbins in the early 90s, Weird Al  made the connection that eating meat is eating animals, saying in a 2011 interview, “Many years ago I found out something about hamburgers that really grossed me out. You may not know this, so I hope I don’t make you sick, but it turns out hamburgers are actually made out of dead cows. I am not making this up. Needless to say, as soon as I discovered that, I gave up meat entirely.”

2. This is How He Imagines Himself in Sandwich Form


In an interview with AV Club, Weird Al explains his sandwich self (which happens to be vegan): “I’d say a fire-roasted eggplant, some roasted red peppers, diced heirloom tomatoes, some thin-sliced red onions—maybe double up on the onions and have some caramelized onions on top of the sliced onions. A little basil, some arugula, some chopped and marinated mushrooms, maybe a slice of fresh avocado, some alfalfa sprouts, a dose of hummus, a drizzle of pomegranate molasses and put it on a warm toasted French roll lovingly sprinkled with some truffle oil.”

3. He Told Reddit Fans That the Song “Nature Trail to Hell” Best Captures the Essence of His Songwriting Style.


While the song itself parodies the tendency of horror movies to make nature trails seem like places of doom and gloom, he’s really just working to get a better name for nature walks…amiright?

4. Meatless for Over 20 Years Now, He Celebrated His Birthday Last Year With Veggie Bacon!


In true Breaking Bad form, Weird Al had fa-con arranged with his age to celebrate the day. How very Green Monster of him to chomp down on some cruelty-free breakfast treats and take a photo. He superimposed his head onto it, so he basically just participated in the Unleash Your Green Monster campaign!

5. He’s a Humorist and a Humanitarian


Al doesn’t only put out incredible song parodies. He also supports the American Foundation For Equal Rights and the Human Rights Campaign, even parodying Lady Gaga’s Born This Way as Perform This Way to raise money for them.

6.  He has the Most Amazing Animal Doppelganger

Would this be considered a word crime in Weird Al’s book? Or rather, an incredible pun that showcases his inner passion for the well-being of animals? What do you think Green Monsters?

7. When He Says “Just Eat It” What He Really Meant was “Just Eat Kale”


This one goes without saying, any vegan knows the true power of this dark leafy green. It pairs so wonderfully with smoothies, salads, and basically anything else worth eating…so do as Weird Al says and just “Eat it.”

8. He Broke Down the Mystery of Meat in a Music Video and We Loved It


You can tell the world over and over that factory farming is cruel, but until people make the connection that what they’re eating is a “someone” with emotions, a personality, and a family the message will never hit home. Using his popularity and clever wit to deliver the message that meat comes from animals (so sorry to spoil the secret!) Weird Al gains plenty of gold stars in our book!

So Green Monsters, what do you think, is Weird Al ready to be a Green Monster? Tell us in the comment section below!


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