Meet Scribbles, a rescued goat who now lives at the Farm Sanctuary. In this video we see Scribbles’s first day at his new home. Look how happy he is!


Before he came to the sanctuary, Scribbles had been living in a suburban back yard. It’s not known whether he was able to be raised by his mother or be in the company of other goats. What is known is that a neighbor saw baby Scribbles being chased by children until he fell over from exhaustion. He knew that was not a healthy environment for a baby goat to live. So he convinced his neighbor to give the goat up and began searching for a new and appropriate home for Scribbles. That’s when he found Farm Sanctuary.


Now look at how happy and free he is! He is free to run and jump and play all he likes. And there are plenty of other animal friends to be made.

Let’s all help Farm Sanctuary welcome their new resident!