For many meat-eaters, eating meat can often involve a sort of disconnect — the final product is simply bought in a plastic package at the grocery store, and sometimes not a whole lot of thought goes into the fact that that “ham” is actually a dead pig, that “steak” is part of a dead cow, that hot dog and pepperoni is probably a mix of some dead animals. All sentient beings so many might pet lovingly at a petting zoo or coo at cute images of online. Sounds a whole lot more gory when we consider the truth, doesn’t it?

While eating animals really isn’t a joking matter in many respects, it helps when celebrities explain their own reasons for plant-based ethics. One vegetarian, “Weird Al” Yankovic, recently discussed his own reasons for being veg-inclined in the best way he knows how: comedy. In a recent episode of the web series Doogtoons, Yankovic laid it out plainly — put simply, he made the aforementioned connection so many people might not between animal and plate, and he hasn’t eaten meat since. In a fun, cartoon depiction of this discussion, Yankovic makes it clear: there’s really no mystery about meat and what it really comes from when you think about it!

Lead image source: Phil3070/Wikimedia Commons