The number of adorable, funny, and sweet rescue animals that have become Internet sensations is reaching new heights! It’s great to see these unique animals have their stories told, and become ambassadors for shelter pets all across the world.

In November 2013, Best Friends Animal Society released a Public Service Announcement featuring a few of the Internet’s most lovable companion animals. One of the animals featured in the PSA is Ginny, the Jack Russell Terrier. Her scruffy fur, eager-to-please expression, and passion (or perhaps just tolerance) for wearing cute glasses and other props makes her one unforgettable dog.

Ginny is now the star of “Ginny’s Guide to a Dog’s Life” which is a compilation of cute training tips, coupled of course with photos of Ginny.

Chelsea England, Ginny’s human companion, puts it this way, “Like a furry Gwyneth Paltrow, Ginny the dog is here to expertly advise other dogs on how to lead a life filled with excitement, satisfactions, lots of snoozing, and plenty of bacon-flavored treats.”

Let’s take a journey through some of Ginny’s best Instagram shots and see why and where the phenomenon began!

“I just knew I had the makings of a star…”

“I’m trying to figure out my good side, what do you think?”

“Long day discussing issues with my human, planning our rise to fame!”

“Raising awareness on behalf of other animals is what I love to do!”

“Celebrities need their rest too, especially before a big day.”

“Getting ready for my big Best Friends Animal Society reveal!”

“Just making sure the book is ready for audiences.”

“All this fame and activism makes me feel like a SUPER DOG!”

All photos courtesy of Ginny’s World / Instragram