More and more, people across the nation and around the world are getting fed up with the sickeningly inhumane and environmentally-destructive animal agriculture industry, and they’re making their voices heard. Even industry insiders are denouncing business as usual and calling for big meat producers to change their ways.

Just look at Mack Graves, a man who worked in animal agriculture for 39 long years and thus knows all about the ins and outs of the industry. In his recent op-ed piece entitled “Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way,” Graves argues that meat producers should embrace the change which is inevitable in their industry — namely, the trend towards plant-based and “clean,” animal-free meat.


Instead of fighting the innovative companies that are developing and popularizing these significantly more sustainable and humane options, conventional meat producers would be wise to join them and be a catalyst for change, Graves posits.

In his words, “We in the animal agriculture business need to recognize that our industry is evolving and adjust our future to prosper from that evolution rather than let it wash over us leaving us the alternative of trying to keep our head above the flood to compete. These two alternatives, plant based meat and clean meat, have shown the most potential for change since the ‘natural’ meat movement of 30 years ago.”

He goes on, “Our response to these new meat varieties can’t be one of denial, obfuscation and defensive striking out in an attempt to destroy any new or different claim as we did when ‘natural’ meat was first advocated.”

We believe that Graves is absolutely right! But will his well-reasoned message get through to the meat industry leaders who have the power to make this change? Surprisingly (and excitingly) enough, Graves’ article was published by Meatingplace, a community of top meat and poultry processors, thus delivering his case to the exact audience it was intended for!


Not to mention that even before Graves wrote this inspiring article, traditional meat processors such as Tyson and Perdue were already paying close attention to the alternative meat movement and exploring ways they might enter this ever-growing market themselves.

We’re so glad to see industry leaders stepping up to help change our broken food system for the better! At last, people are recognizing that the way we produce conventional meat is grossly cruel, antiquated, and harmful for both animals and the planet!

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Image Source: Pixabay