Ted Danson spoke before congress on October 29 to ask them to reduce single-use plastics. He asked for legislation to reduce the production of the plastics, speaking about their impact on oceans and marine animals.

Danson, a spokesperson for Oceana, gave his comments to the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Water, Oceans and Wildlife. He gave the statistic that only 9% of plastic produced has been recycled. He urged lawmakers to consider production reduction, instead of recycling.

“Don’t fall for the false promise of recycling, and please don’t stoop to incineration. We must stop the runaway increase of plastic production and reduce the amount of plastic companies make and are foisting on us, because it will last forever,” said Danson. “Recycling is like trying to mop up water from an overflowing bathtub while the faucet is still running. We need to turn off the faucet and reduce production of plastic.”

Danson’s environmental activism has been part of his life for many years, but he has recently ramped it up. Danson is especially passionate about protecting oceans, he co-founded the American Oceans Campaign, which later merged with Oceana. He was arrested alongside Jane Fonda on October 25 for protesting at the Capitol. The protest theme for Friday, October, 25 was “Oceans Can’t Wait.”

In his comments to the House Committee, he urged lawmakers to think of their children and grandchildren, “If you want to take care of your children, you have to start addressing these incredibly inconvenient things that we have all gotten used to and enjoy that they are no longer good for us and they are going to land on our children and grandchildren in a huge way.”

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