One Green Planet’s #EatForThePlanet movement is focused on consistently inspiring people to be aware of where their food comes from, how it affects our environment and planet for the present and future, and to make the biggest difference we can by simply changing what we eat three times a day. Eating for the planet not not only saves water and natural resources but also makes us healthier, without even realizing it. When you think about ways to #EatForThePlanet, choosing more plant-based foods when you can, opting for organic and non-genetically modified foods, and eliminating processed foods for real foods, these tips naturally optimize your health for the long-haul.



So if you’re looking to change your health and are interested in ways you can #EatForThePlanet, check out some simple steps to take you that will benefit you and save the planet at the same time!

1. Go Meatless at Least Once a Day


If you’re not ready to go all out vegan, try going meatless at just one meal. If you’re already vegan or vegetarian, consider yourself set. However, if you’re not, check out these ways you can Eat Vegan Without Even Realizing It, and some tips for weaning yourself off meat for additional help. Eating meat-free meals reduces your risks for cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. 

2. Add a Piece of Produce to Every Meal

fruitsalad (1)

This is a tip we can all do. If your meals look a little lifeless, add a piece of produce to your meals each day. If you ate just three servings of fruit and vegetable a day, you’ve eaten 21 servings in a week! Fruits and vegetables are two foods commonly linked to lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, cancer, and they reduce inflammation to keep all major parts of your body working well.

3. Choose Whole Grains in Place of Animal Foods


Swapping in whole grains in place of animal foods can prevent disease, and they will keep you full thanks to the fiber and amino acids they contain. They can also be seasoned any way you like so you never get bored. Whole grains can be eaten with breakfast, lunch, or dinner, so choose healthy options like perhaps oats for breakfast, quinoa for lunch, and wild rice for dinner.  Or, pack whole grains in a veggie burger and call it a day! If you’re a grain-free eater, try have root vegetables in place of meat (or grains) for a hearty option that will also keep you full and healthy.


4. Choose Real Food Over Processed Food


Real food eliminates processed foods and most all animal foods all in one. Whole grains, vegetables, beans, legumes, fruits, nuts, seeds, spices, and herbs are all foods that will provide optimal support for your body, reduce the load on the environment, and reduce the demand for genetically modified foods and foods with unnecessary preservatives. These foods are also easier for your body to digest, which means your body can better absorb the nutrients to benefit you the best. See these tips for transitioning into a “real food diet” and get away from processed foods for good. It’s much easier than you think — we promise!

5. Take it a Meal at a Time

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It can be overwhelming to try to transform your diet overnight, so take it one meal at a time, focusing on what you can do, versus what you can. Making a choice meal by meal by opting for delicious foods (Here are some recipes!) is the easiest way to make it seamless to get healthier all by what you eat. No one likes to think about changing their whole life to revolve around their food, but when you consider the benefits of eating plant-based for your health, it’s worth it to do what you can, whenever you can. Taking it one meal at a time is an easy way to reduce the stress associated with changes, and it’s also more doable broken down meal by meal.

Adding more plant-based foods to your diet is a journey worth being on, so join in our movement, snap some pictures of your delicious food to share with us and the world, and experience the health benefits of choosing plant-based options during meal times more and more often.

To learn more about how you can join One Green Planet’s awesome #EatForThePlanet campaign, click here.


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 Lead Image Source: Seriously Good Veggie Burgers