Tissavel, a French manufacturer of faux fur, has long provided cruelty-free fur to the fashion industry as more brands go fur-free. Now, it is in the process of debuting its most sustainable faux fur option yet.

The company recently revealed a realistic, long-haired faux fur that is more sustainable than ever. It still gives fashion that real fur look and feel, without the unnecessary cruelty. They already offer an impressive range of short-haired faux furs made of recycled polyester. However, this new product takes their goals a step further by providing the market with sustainable long-haired faux fur.

The fabric is made in Japan and woven in China. It is made up of a blend of 50% patented Kanecaron modacrylic fibers and 50% recycled polyester fibers.

Bruno Massa, the chief merchant at Tissavel, said, “In addition to exploiting the current quest for faux fur and related change in habits. We pride ourselves on having contributed to this shift and embraced consumers’ petitions against animal cruelty, as the market required high-quality fake fur to digest the transition from animal fur.”

This company has been at the forefront of the faux fur industry for 10 years, leading the way to more sustainable and cruelty-free options in the fashion world.

Massa said, “The vision of sustainability is very personal. There are companies only evaluating end-of-life waste management and for sure disposal of man-made fibers is more polluting. But the environmental impact of manufacturing processes such as farming and tanning cannot be underestimated.”

Companies like this are incredibly important if we want to ban the fur entirely. Fur farming is a cruel and inhumane industry that tortures and kills millions of animals. It needs to come to an end

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