Every year, millions of animals are killed for their fur for no reason whatsoever apart from human caprice. It’s estimated that 85 percent of these animals are raised on fur farms, places far more similar to grim fur factories. Minks, rabbits, foxes, and in some countries even cats and dogs, are confined to small cages and forced to live in unacceptable and unsanitary conditions until the moment they are, most often cruelly, killed. Many animals are either killed by way of electrocution or even by being skinned alive. However obvious this statement sounds, it still has to be made – there is no reason for us to wear other living beings’ fur.

Fortunately, in many places in the world, fur farming is already banned due to the issues of animal welfare and ethics. The first countries to introduce the ban were the U.K., in 2000 and Austria in 2004. Other places that banned fur farming include the Netherlands, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, the Republic of Macedonia, and Japan. In the U.S., only some states have introduced regulations in the case, like the prohibition of keeping foxes in captivity, or New York’s ban of electrocution of fur animals, according to Fur Free Alliance.

Recently, a great victory against fur farming has been achieved in Germany where the leaders have voted to shut down of the last six working fur farms. This amazing news comes after years of struggle to make the ban reality – since its founding in 1994, PETA Germany had been lobbying for the outlawing of fur farming in the country. Now, it is closer than ever to becoming reality.

Germany’s last fur farms will close after the transition period that is to last five years. The legislation introduces fur farming regulations that are so strict that raising fur animals will no longer be viable for farmers and will, hopefully, lead to the closing of factories. This great news will save the lives of countless animals lives and is, without a doubt, a big step towards complete outlawing of fur farming in the country.

Now, what’s the rest of the world waiting for?

Take action for animals killed for fur! 

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Image source: Jean Beaufort/publicdomainpictures