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Footage from an Australian snake catcher shows an attic full of shredded snake skins that were found in a family home in Queensland.

Source: Storyful Viral/Youtube

The family was removing insulation from their roof when they discovered a few snakeskins and assumed there must have been a few snakes living there.

However, they were shocked after they called Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers and snake catcher Stuart McKenzie ended up finding 30 to 50 snake skins in total from multiple different species. Snakes usually shed their skin between four to twelve times every year.

A video taken by McKenzie shows a huge pile of snake skins that they discovered. The snake catcher can be heard talking about the different kinds of snakes that the skins came from.

He says there is evidence of a lot of “snake activity” in the attic and points to piles of snake feces and urine.

They search the attic and find a brown tree snake alive in the insulation and carefully put it in a bag. The video then shows the man releasing the snake back into nature. Brown tree snakes are native to Australia, and their bites are mildly venomous and not dangerous.

“It was good to get one out of there,” he said.

Later in the video, he shows a pile of the 30 to 50 snake skins that he says came from three main snakes that are commonly found in attic-like spaces: common tree snakes, brown tree snakes, and carpet pythons.

“We did a very thorough search,” he said. “A lot of these are old, there are a couple of fresh ones but with roof spaces there can be little gaps and holes in walls they can get into. Pretty happy with this, the clients were happy, at least they know there’s nothing dangerous up there.”

In a Facebook post by the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, they said, “People often ask us is it common to find snakes in your roof? The short answer is yes! The roof space is a perfect spot for some species of snake as it provides shelter as well as food in the form or rats, mice and geckos.”

Always call a local rescue or organization if you find a wild animal in your home. Amazingly, Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers put the little guy back into nature, but unfortunately, this is not true for all rescues. Always vet the organization before asking for their assistance so you can make sure the animal gets back to where they should be!

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