Desislava Stoyanova, has been single-handedly rescuing stray animals in her hometown Plovdiv, Bulgaria for the last 15 years, so when she received a call about a disorientated, skinny dog wandering the streets, she immediately knew the situation was serious. The woman on the other side of the phone said that she had tried to feed the poor pup, who looked like she hadn’t eaten for days, but the dog couldn’t get the food down due to breathing difficulties. That’s when Stoyanova knew the situation was a grave one. Once she’d put down the phone, she immediately set off to find the animal. Equipped with food, water, and scissors, Stoyanova leaped into action and began her search.

Hungry and Slowly Suffocating

Stoyanovo found the dog curled up in a ball, resembling a bag of bones. Seeing the pup so gaunt and frightened, she was eager to take her to the clinic for help. Then she noticed the collar. The pedestrian had said the dog couldn’t breathe properly and now she knew why – the collar was way too tight, cutting off her windpipe. After cutting off the collar, the dog gave out a giant exhale.

You could see in her eyes that she was eternally grateful and she grew more trusting of Desislava. The fact that she had a collar suggested she was likely abandoned, left to survive on the streets. In spite of all the suffering, the emaciated body, and the fear, the rescuer could only see a beautiful dog who had been poorly treated. Beauty would be her name.

Beauty cuddles up to her rescuer after being freed from the choker.


The collar was so tight that it cut into her neck.


Beauty was dehydrated, malnourished, and suffering with an infection.

Beauty 2

Thanks to this incredible rescuer, Beauty is getting stronger every day and has even gained a healthy 20 pounds in a matter of weeks!


You Can Help Beauty

Beauty is currently living with Desislava until her treatment is finished and can be re-homed to a lovely family.  It’s almost certain that she will make a full recovery. However, this sweet girl needs the help of others in order to get back on her feet. The cost of her veterinary treatment has not come cheaply and Stoyanova relies only on herself and her kind supporters for donations. Through her “Save Me’’ Facebook page, Stoyanova posts rescue stories and urges supporters for help. But with a small following, it’s not always easy to raise the funds needed to rescue all the animals in need.

There will be many homeless cats and dogs on the streets of Bulgaria who are not rescued. Fortunately, Beauty was noticed and now she’ll lead a promising life of joy, love and happiness. You can help more animals and give them the life they deserve, free of fear and suffering by supporting this rescuer’s efforts here.

All image source: Desislava Stoyanova