Hope for Paws was called about a dog roaming the streets. Neighbors said that the dog’s family had moved away over a year ago, but left the little dog behind. After a year of fending for himself, the little dog was fearful of humans. He avoided the Hope for Paws volunteers and screamed in terror when they first captured him. This dog was in terrible shape, his matts had grown incredibly large, weighing the small dog down.

After a couple minutes of gentle petting by the volunteers, the pup finally started to relax. His fear of people began to lift as he realized these people were here only to help him.


The first goal for the volunteers was to free the little poodle from the pounds of matting that covered his body. About half of his body size could be attributed to this hair. The transformation from before to after is truly astounding.

Thankfully, a foster family from The Mutt Scouts rescue stepped up to take the, newly named, Theo home. He looks and acts like a totally different and new dog. He recovered from his broken spirit thanks to his rescuers, his foster family and his foster siblings. Theo can be seen romping and playing with the other foster dogs. Theo was recently adopted by a loving family, and has a sibling to play with. If you are interested in adopting a dog like Theo, visit Hope for Paws.