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Buddha the pit bull was an abandoned dog living on an empty lot. He was also an abused dog; neighborhood kids regularly threw rocks at this stray animal.

Hope for Paws, an animal rescue organization, received a call from a concern samaritan and went to rescue Buddha. In the video above, watch the rescue of the sweet and gentle pit bull!

Upon arrival, the pit bull was not aggressive at all. Buddha was hungry and scared, hiding behind some trash receptacles. He received a cheeseburger from his rescuers with no sign of ill intention, anger, or aggression.

Buddha the pit bull only wanted love, and he quickly gained the trust of his two rescuers within one hour. Watch to see this dog’s sweet nature self, from empty lot to waiting for adoption!

If you would like more information about Buddha, visit Aces Angels website here. To make a contribution to help more animals like Buddha, visit Hope for Paws website here.