Earlier this Spring, The Animal Rescue League of Boston lead a rescue operation in collaboration with MSPCA Angell, Berkley Police, and Berkley Animal Control to seize nine Connemara ponies from a farm with unsanitary and inadequate conditions. The ARL’s Law Enforcement Department has pressed charges against the previous owners for neglect.

Three of the Connemara ponies, Owen, Lass, and Kate, were relocated to The Animal Rescue League of Boston, where they could receive the proper nutrition and care that they so desperately needed. Upon arrival, it was clear to the rescue team that these poor ponies were suffering. They described the ponies as being so thin that many of their ribs were visible. Staff and volunteers committed to round-the-clock refeeding plans to help them gain weight safely – including feeding sessions at 1:30 am, reported the Animal Rescue League of Boston in a Facebook post.

When the rest of the rescued ponies first arrived at MSPCA Angell, they were on the verge of emaciation, and after being abused, they were very scared of human contact. They immediately put them on a gradual re-feeding program to carefully bring them to a healthy weight. Little by little, they seem to be regaining trust and getting used to human contact again. All six of the ponies, ranging in age from about four to 15 years old, are almost at their ideal weight now, said MSPCA Angell.

The Connemara ponies that were rescued from the farm in Berkley are getting healthier and will soon be ready to go to a new home, said MSPCA in a Facebook post. First vet and farrier visits are scheduled for next week—and then we’ll have a timeline for adoption.

However, the work for Owen, Lass, and Kate is far from over, and they are still in need of extraordinary care. If you are interested in helping Owen, Lass, and Kate receive the care that they need, you can donate today directly through the Animal Rescue League of Boston on their website.

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