Two horribly neglected horses, including a miniature horse, were surrendered to the Colorado Humane Society after the sheriff’s office did a welfare check on the horses.

The officers discovered a severely emaciated miniature horse named Hinny, who had horribly overgrown hooves. A second, very emaciated horse was also found on the property. The control deputy and humane society executed a warrant that allowed them to take the horses from the property. 

The owner eventually decided to surrender the horses to the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center, where they will be well taken care of and thoroughly examined for further health issues.

Dr. Courtney Diehl, a field service veterinarian for the Dumb Friends League, said, “Dental problems can be easily missed. And horses should have an annual exam by a veterinarian. Hooves need to be trimmed by a trained farrier every 6-8 weeks.”

It is impossible to know whether this was a case of intentional animal abuse or ignorance. Many people buy larger animals without really understanding their needs and necessities. Either way, allowing animals to be so neglected is inexcusable.

Alex Wildee, a field service investigator for the humane society, said, “Each species of animals have unique care requirements that must be met. As an animal owner, it is our responsibility to understand and provide for these needs. Early reporting is incredibly important. This kind of neglect happens over a long period of time. It takes years for a horse’s hooves to get to this state. If you have a concern or you see a problem, call. Colorado Humane Society and local Law Enforcement are here to provide resources and educate our community.”

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