Pit Bulls are often falsely assigned a stereotype for being aggressive and intimidating. While the root of this stereotype stems from the use of Pit Bulls for illegal dog fighting rings, there is little to no truth to the belief that these dogs are inherently dangerous or vicious. In fact, Pit Bulls are some of the most caring and loyal companion animals out there!

Queso, the Pit Bull featured in this video certainly does not fit into the negative Pit Bull stereotype. There is very little about Queso that is scary or intimidating, especially considering his overwhelming fear of walking through doorways. While this might sound like the funniest thing you’ve ever heard, we assure you that watching it in action is all the more hysterical. Something about walking head-first into a new room just does not sit well with little Queso, so he has devised a fool-proof method to get through doorways unscathed: backin’ it up.

Going in tail-first, Queso can ensure that if there are any monsters waiting for him in the next room, they’ll nibble on his tail first and he will know that he should not go in alone. Pretty genius if you ask us!

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