When rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited, India found Mousey, she was severely emaciated and sick. It was obvious to them that she was suffering on the inside, too. The poor pup was terrified of people and wouldn’t let them touch her. Because she was walking near a busy road, they worried for her safety and decided to use a net to catch her.

Back at the rescue center, Mousey was safe and getting great care. She was treated for her mange with medical baths, given regular meals, and had many dog companions to interact with. Sadly, she was still traumatized from her past and would cower in a corner whenever someone would come near her.

Fortunately, after a lot of love and patience, Mousey blossomed! Finally, healed both physically and mentally, Mousey is a playful, happy pup! Her transformation is incredible!

To help more animals like Mousey, you can donate to Animal Aid Unlimited here.

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