It seems Thumper wandered way too far out of the woods and ended up on a busy highway instead! Thankfully, a kind driver knew to call Hope for Paws to give this adorable bunny the best possible outcome in this dangerous situation.

When Eldad arrived at the location, the California Highway Patrol was on the scene and the bunny was hiding underneath the caller’s car. This made it super easy for the rescue team to secure the area with a mobile fence to protect the bunny from the cars speeding past. As Eldad and another officer worked to catch the bunny, another danger presented itself … not one, but two hawks! They had to move fast.

With Eldad directing the rabbit, one of the officers was able to quickly capture the bunny in a net. After a vet check and help from Bunny World Foundation to confirm that the bunny was indeed wild, he was released back to his wild home in a safe location.

Please continue to support Hope for Paws by donating, fostering, and sharing their compassionate work. Though this bunny was a wild one, there are many bunnies in need of forever homes. Click here to learn more.

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