A 10-year-old girl in Russia’s far east managed to survive a blizzard by clinging to the warmth of a stray dog.

After leaving school that afternoon, the girl had become dangerously lost as a freezing blizzard overtook her.

The girl’s parents alerted authorities, and the community joined in to start a search for the girl. They were finally able to get a tip from a resident who reported seeing a girl playing with a stray dog.

18 hours after going missing, the girl was discovered under a low balcony clinging to the stray dog as they both sat on a mattress. The area had gotten about 2 feet of snow, and she had become disoriented despite only being 500 yards from her home.

One of the search party volunteers, Anatoly Ivanov said, “The fact that the girl remained alive in such weather really is a miracle. We were looking all night, nothing was visible at all, our hands in mittens were so cold, it was difficult to straighten our fingers. By morning, we started to think she would not be found alive. How can you survive such a nightmare outside? Fortunately, everything turned out to be all right with the girl.”

The girl was unharmed and was thankfully dressed very warmly for the freezing weather. Nothing is said of what happened to the stray dog, but we can only hope that they were also taken care of and removed from the cold weather.

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