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National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR) is a fantastic non-profit organization in Colorado Springs, founded by Theresa Strader in 2007, with the aim of rescuing dogs from the horrific puppy mill industry. Strader was inspired to set up NMDR after adopting Lily, an Italian greyhound who had been left with severe facial defects and health problems after being bred by an irresponsible puppy mill owner. Sadly, problems like these are all too common in dogs who have emerged from puppy mills, as rampant inbreeding, poor hygiene, and sub-standard health care are nearly always present in such places.

Puppy mills are generally run as large-scale commercial breeding facilities, akin to a “factory farm” model. Several dogs will often be kept in a single cage and provided with only the bare minimum of food and medical care required to keep them alive. Inadequate nutrition, forced overbreeding, and lack of space are just some of the terrible conditions that the dogs must endure, with many of them developing problems such as severely matted fur, skin infections, dental issues, and genetic deformities as a result.

Thanks to NMDR, other dedicated groups, and a few high-profile puppy mill survivors, however, public awareness of the problem is growing. And this heartwarming photograph posted by NMDR reveals just how wonderful it is when a formerly abused dog begins to realize that humans can, indeed, be kind.

Doesn’t this baby look overjoyed by the simple pleasure of enjoying a warm bath?

Adorable Photo Captures the Moment a Former Puppy Mill Dog Got a Bath and Realized Everything Was About to Get Better

Source: National Mill Dog Rescue/Facebook

“Our grooming team is made up of a group of awesome dedicated volunteers,” NMDR said. “These tireless ladies work hard to shed years of hair on our new arrivals and our regulars always enjoy their spa days. They get everybody pretty to go to events and adoption fairs. We love our volunteers!” The kindness of the people who groomed this dog will hopefully pay off and this baby will find the loving forever home they so richly deserve!

You can learn about the work of NMDR via their website or Facebook page. To get more information about volunteering with the organization, click here.

To learn more about the truth behind puppy mills, and why you should always adopt, never shop, if you are thinking of acquiring a new furry companion, read some of the articles below.

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