Who doesn’t love the sight of a tiny puppy in a pet store window? They are over-the-top adorable and squirm around like they are just begging to be picked up. It takes extreme will power to resist that kind of cuteness. Well, that is if you are unaware of what had to happen to make these pet store puppies possible.

The reality is that the majority of puppies in pet stores come from large-scale breeding facilities, or puppy mills. Puppy mills exploit dogs for profit and the conditions commonly found at these establishments are shocking to say the least. Most dogs living in puppy mills are used for breeding and are treated like puppy-making machines. Deprived of a clean environment, ample space to move around, proper food and veterinary care, life in a puppy mill is a never ending hell for these animals. And what makes matters worse is that the sale of puppies allows this cruelty to continue.

Thankfully, National Mill Dog Rescue has made it their mission to save dogs from these sort of horrible situations. In their most recent rescue trip, “Operation: Hundred Hearts,” National Mill Dog Rescue was able to save 101 dogs from life in puppy mills! The dogs are safe and sound back at National Mill Dog’s headquarters and they are ready to get a jump on a new, happy life!

Operation: Hundred Hearts took place over the course of two days. In just three vehicles, eight rescuers set out to drive over 2,000 miles to rescue pups from puppy mills in three different states.


The dogs that were rescued are seniors and if National Mill Dog Rescue hadn’t gotten to them in time, they were going to be “disposed” of by the puppy mills. 

Most of the dogs who were rescued have never known life outside of a small wire cage.

But it is clear that that life is behind them now!

The majority of the dogs are in need veterinary care, so a trip to the vet will be the first stop on their journey to recovery and adoption.

Once the dogs are deemed disease-free, they will be spayed or neutered and then they can start looking for new forever homes.

After knowing nothing but stress, pain and fear, they will get the chance to learn what it means to be loved.

No dog should have to endure a lifetime of suffering like these 101 pups have. So please remember to always adopt and NOT shop for pets.

Although it pains us to know that these dogs have spent so much time in puppy mills, we are so grateful that there are kind people who are working to put this past behind them. 


To learn more about National Mill Dog Rescue check out their website. You can make a donation to help them carry out more rescues and provide care for their dogs by clicking here.

All image source: National Mill Dog Rescue/Facebook