When most people think of puppies, nothing but happy images of wagging tails and wet noses come to mind. There is a reason that we associate puppies with unbridled happiness, it is near impossible not to see one and turn into a puddle of absolute mush. While this might be the case, the sad reality is that life for puppies isn’t always so warm and fuzzy.

The majority of dogs that we see in the windows of pet stores come from puppy mills. These are large-scale breeding facilities where dogs are treated as nothing more than commodities to be sold. Breeding dogs are kept in tiny wire cages for their entire lives, deprived of any form of medical care – and even the basic necessities of clean food and water. These pups will never know what it is like to run free on soft grass or experience the simple luxury of a proper bed to sleep in. The most tragic part in all of this is the fact that the sale of puppies goes right back to keeping breeding dogs captive. So, we may only see sweet puppies on the other side of shop windows, but what we don’t see is untold amounts of suffering and abuse. 


The good news, however, is there are many organizations working tirelessly to put an end to this cruel industry. National Mill Dog Rescue specializes in carrying out rescue missions, saving dogs from defunct mills and giving them a proper chance at the life they deserve.

This incredible photo captures the moment a former mill dog realized they were finally free.


This little cutie is in the care of National Mill Dog’s rescue shelter where they will get all the care they need before they can be adopted into a forever home. Thanks to these amazing people, this dog, and countless others, will finally learn what it means to be loved and cared for – the life that all dogs truly deserve.

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 Image source: National Mill Dog Rescue/Facebook