Canada’s first animal cruelty investigation unit has been created with the job of investigating and punishing forms of animal cruelty.

The unit has been 2 years in the making and has been assisted by several animal specialists. Its aim is to prioritize and crack down on all cases of animal cruelty. This type of unit is new to Canada, despite the fact that many other parts of the world use a similar system, including the US

Staff Sgt. Anna Sinclair said, “Research has shown there in an unequivocal link between animal cruelty, domestic violence, child and elder abuse investigations. Offenders who abuse animals are likely to commit other violent crimes causing harm to persons and society in general.”

More than 400 cases of animal cruelty were investigated last year, showing just how urgent the need is to create a specific unit for dealing with animal cruelty

Canadian law enforcement was more eager to assist in creating the special unit when animal cruelty was clearly linked to other forms of abuse and violence. Const. Ilka Cunningham said, “It started with our love for animals, and then we realized there’s a much bigger picture here, and we quickly recognized the link to child abuse, domestic violence. It’s rarely ever just animal abuse. It always affected humans in a way as well.” 

This is amazing news for animal lovers everywhere as it shows just one more area of the world that is taking animal cruelty seriously. With the cases growing by the year, it is more urgent than ever for animal abuse to be dealt with.

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