On Wednesday, Bloomington city council adopted Ordinance 21-45 prohibiting the sale of cats and dogs in pet shops. Starting in January of 2023, it will be illegal for pet shops to sell dogs and cats and can be given a fine of up to $500 if they continue to do so.

The decision was made in the hopes of putting a supply and demand limit on the puppy mill industry to make it harder for these inhumane businesses to continue to thrive.The city council does not want this to limit customer options but rather steer them towards more ethical options.


Though this is great news and definitely puts a strain on the cruel puppy mill industry, it still does not entirely fix the issue of people buying pets from breeders.

With shelters overrun with abandoned animals, there is no reason for shoppers to continue buying pets like they would a pair of shoes. Not only do many animals suffer extreme abuse and neglect at the hands of breeders, but there are also plenty of animals who are still in need of a forever home. There is no conceivable reason to continue to support pet breeders with so many animals still waiting in shelters.

There will forever be an issue of shelter overcrowding if people do not begin to see the benefit of adopting rather than shopping.

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