A state-wide bill out of Albany could ban retail pet shops from selling pets like dogs, cats and rabbits. A state senator introduced the bill, hoping to have it passed by 2021, where it would join bills already passed in California and Maryland.

The bill is supported by the Humane Society and the New York State Animal Protection Federation. Libby Post, the executive director of the Federation, told the Record Online that the bill is, “opportunity for pet stores to rebrand themselves as compassionate businesses that put puppies over profits.” The bill would still allow people to purchase pets from breeders.

There are about 80 retail pet stores in the state, mostly located in New York City and Long Island. advocacy group New Yorkers for Clean, Livable and Safe Streets Executive Director Edita Birnkrant said of the bill, “By passing this legislation we can shut down the puppy mill pipeline and ensure that animals from shelters are adopted at New York shops instead of enriching cruel breeders.”

The bill will be sent to Governor Cuomo for review. It currently has a dozen co-sponsors in the senate. We will update this post as more information becomes available. Always remember to Adopt Don’t Shop! Finding or petting puppies at pet stores supports this cruel industry. Sign this petition to show your support for ending pet shops!

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