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When this woman got home from work, she was greeted with an interesting surprise on her doorstep! Mysteriously, there was a small cardboard box that was taped shut and had small holes punctured into it. Although there was no note left in the box, she decided to open it and see what was inside.

@sarahs.exoticss Who hurt this baby. #leopardgecko #rescue #sad #reptiles #baby #stoptheabusers ♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

To her surprise, she found an emaciated baby gecko inside the box. The poor guy’s arms were taped to his body, and he was in terrible condition. His previous owners must not have been properly educated on how to take care of him, and he was paying the price. Using some vegetable oil, she was able to free him of the tape and gave him a dish soap bath to get the oil off of his skin. After drying him off, she put him in his new enclosure where he could finally relax, knowing he was in a safe home.

As tempting as exotic animals may seem to keep as pets, most (if not all) of them are not fit to be kept in this manner. They require special food, housing, maintenance, and care — things that most of us simply cannot provide them. Exotic animals are wild, irrespective of how tamable people can say that they are. Capturing an animal from its native habitat and keeping them in captivity is simply not the answer — animals suffer from psychological distress, and this can have an impact on their physical health as well. Humans can also catch diseases from these animals and be on the receiving end of aggressive behavior. Wild animals just do not enjoy being handled or interacting with people!

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