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Whoever said animals of different species couldn’t be friends was way off. We’ve seen a trio of bear, lion, and tiger besties, a great dane and deer that are attached at the hip, piggies and pit bulls, and many, many more odd couple pairings.

And while we’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to interspecies friends, seeing a cat and a dog best friend pairing never ceases to be amazing. Diametrically opposed, these two animals are the quintessential arch enemies, or at least they’re supposed to be. Clearly, no one ever told Refurb and Tycho this.

Meet the cutest little corgi/cat pairing you ever did see.


Both Refurb and Tycho, cat and corgi respectively,  are rescue pets and have been playing together since they were brought home by their guardian, the Reddit user, Aksflak.


Refurb, only has three legs, but you would never guess that was the case based on the way she darts laps around Tycho.



The pair are also the stars of Askflak’s tumblr, entitled “Stumblr: the life and times of Refurb the three-legged cat.”  Anyone who has a cat and a dog know that the cat will dominate the need for attention, thus it is Refurb’s world and Tycho is just living in it. Although it does seem like Refurb like to share every now and again.


But of course, any good friend knows that the most important quality in a best friend is that they keep you on your toes, just as Refurb does for Tycho.


But any play fighting is all in good fun, right Tycho?


While these two may not always see eye-to-eye, one thing they can definitely agree on is the necessity of a good nap!


For more on this pair of goof balls, follow Aksflak’s Tumblr, here. It’s sure to put a smile on your face anytime of day.