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The endangered African Lion is one of the most majestic creatures on our planet. The king of the jungle, lions are the only cats that live in family units, and they have been revered throughout history for their courage and strength. Lions once roamed most of Africa and parts of Asia and Europe. However, today they are found only in parts of sub-Saharan Africa, except for one very small population of Asian lions that survives in India’s Gir Forest. There are just 30,000 lions left on our planet, and sadly, many of them are kept in captivity without any chance of freedom.

With so few lions left, it is shocking that people continue to hunt them. The killing of the beloved lion, Cecilstunned the world, but Cecil was just one of more than thousands of lions that are killed every year, many of them in canned hunts. In canned hunts, lions are bred in captivity and then “released” into a closed pen just so that people can get a thrill by shooting them in short range.

The facilities that run these hunts claim that they are contributing to the conservation of the lion species by breeding these animals, but in reality, these animals are incredibly inbred and would, in fact, be extremely detrimental to the gene pool of wild populations. Not to mention, by raising these lions in captivity only so that hunters (the majority of which are Americans), can kill the animals isn’t exactly the spitting image of species protection.

In addition to this horrific industry, thousands of other lions and wild cats are held captive, either in the entertainment industry where they are often abused and neglected, such as in circuses, zoos, and parks. Or they’re captured from the wild and held in people’s backyards as exotic pets. In fact, there are more tigers in people’s backyards than there are in the wild! Don’t these animals deserve better?

This is how all lions should live.

This Stunning Photo Shows Us How All Lions Should Live



Between canned hunting, the exotic pet trade, and entertainment facilities, few lions have the chance to live the life that this lion does, while protected in Kenya’s Maasai Mara nature reserve. If we don’t act now and protect lions in the wild, scenes like this one above may only be seen in photographs.

Share this post and help raise awareness for the endangered lion. It is up to us to keep this amazing species wild and free!

Image source: Charlotte Rhodes/The Telegraph

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47 comments on “This Stunning Photo Shows Us How All Lions Should Live”

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4 Days ago

Thanks for this great article. Since the beginning of civilization the Lion was recognized as the king of the bests. The oldest animal statue found was a Lion. Lions are specially designed to hunt the largest animal on earth. Lately the National Geographic recognizes that no animal on earth is saved from lions. They killed them all. In the antique Mesopotamia where there were several powerful large animals large brown bears, Caspian tigers (very similar to the Siberian tigers) hyenas, leopards, elephants and buffalos, the Asiatic Lion was recognized as the king of the beasts. Lions were the very top land predator and the eagle the very top air predator. Antique people saw lions in action in the wild and organized animal combat as well. The lion\'s domination was so great that they were the widest spread specie on earth. No other predator could stop their March truth India, Siberia, North America up to South America Peru. Since them lions were always associated with power, warriors, courage and guardians because they are highly territorial. Every antique king and warrior wanted to be associated with the male Lion. Almost all antique war gods have a lion link. The black mane lion was the undisputed kings of the Roman\'s arenas including the coliseum. At the arenas\' entrances it was common to find lion statues. Romans never have enough of them for the games. Romans were willing to pay the highest price for born in the wild lions especially a black mane lion more than any other animals for the games. The lioness came second. Like many kings in the antiquity, many Roman\'s emperors sat on a lion\'s throne. For the Roman the lion was also the king of the beasts. Lately the National Geographic recognize that the lion specie sits on the top of one of the toughest animals on earth. Not only they are extraordinarily strong, they have an extraordinary will power. Of all the large predators on earth, the male lion as the hardest life of all. No other large predators can endure what male lions endure during all his life.
There are centuries of persistent faults believed about lions. Like: lions only hunt in prides. Dominate males are lazy they don\'t hunt, lions don\'t kill mature giraffes, elephants, hippos, crocodiles and rhinos. Facts are they had killed them all. Many modern videos show single male lions making kills. With modern technology new studies show male lions are in fact great hunters but they hunt in different places than the lionesses. The single male lion success rate is the same as the lioness. At night in bushes their favourite preys are mature cap buffalo bulls. The average success rate of single lions is superior of the tiger\'s. Their average kill weight is superior of the tiger\'s too. Facts are normally lions hunt in prides 48 to 50% of the time. All lions hunt alone and in duo too. In all the animal kingdom, science found that the most complex animal society is the lion\'s. Some lion\'s hunting tactics are very complex. Among the feline family they have to most complex communication language. Like many other animals in danger, wild lions (the king of the beasts) are irreplaceable creatures.     

Majid Yekrangian
1 Years Ago

They deserve to be free and they must.

Aasia Khan
1 Years Ago


Michelle Green
1 Years Ago

Wish humans would leave what is not theirs alone

Donna Keurulainen
1 Years Ago

absolutely !!!"

Frances DiSalvo
1 Years Ago


Dave Rule
1 Years Ago

That's so beautiful to bad like the rest of the planet it hasn't got much time left.

Jaishree Devi
1 Years Ago


Max Byrdy
1 Years Ago

Yep, don't try and revive endangered animals in captivity by running breeding programs.

Trisha Rowden
1 Years Ago

This is how Every creature should live, in harmony with nature! Us included ✌


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