We just love birthdays here at the Food Monster App – they’re the perfect excuse to make someone feel special by cooking up some delicious treats AKA a vegan birthday cake! We have so many birthday-worthy cake recipes that will be sure to make someone’s birthday the happiest one yet!

1. German Chocolate Cake German Chocolate Cake

Source: German Chocolate Cake


Do you have a chocolate lover in your life? Try Bridge Rose‘s decadent German Chocolate Cake that is rich and just swimming in chocolate frosting!

2. Classic Red Velvet Cake Vegan Gluten-Free Classic Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting and strawberry

Source: Classic Red Velvet Cake

Or, you could go for Kat Condon‘s Classic Red Velvet Cake! The color on this cake is just gorgeous plus, it’s gluten-free!

3. Crêpe Cake With Coconut CreamPancake Cake With Coconut Cream

Source: Crêpe Cake With Coconut Cream


Talk about fancy, Deniz Kilic‘s Crêpe Cake With Coconut Cream is super elegant and delicious! Delicate layers of crêpes and coconut make up this fantastic vegan birthday cake!

4. Caramelized Walnut Cake With Coffee Cream Frosting Walnut Coffee Cake

Source: Caramelized Walnut Cake With Coffee Cream Frosting


Have a coffee lover in your life? Try making Clémence Moulaert‘s Caramelized Walnut Cake With Coffee Cream Frosting! The sweetness of the cake, nuttiness of the walnuts, and deliciously smooth coffee frosting come together to make a yummy and rich cake!

5. Raw Bounty Cake With Chocolate GanacheRaw Bounty Cake

Source: Raw Bounty Cake With Chocolate Ganache


Lisa Dobler‘s Raw Bounty Cake With Chocolate Ganache goes out to our raw vegan friends who still love a delicious cake! This cake is so gorgeous and delicious- it is sure to be a hit!

6. Chocolate Raspberry Beet CakeChocolate Raspberry Beet Cake

Source: Chocolate Raspberry Beet Cake

This Chocolate Raspberry Beet Cake by Pamela Higgins sneaks in veggies for a healthier alternative to the classic chocolate cake! Plus, who doesn’t love that classic chocolate-raspberry combination?

7. Raw Superfood Avocado Cake Vegan GLuten-Free Vegan Raw Superfood Avocado Cake with fruit topping

Source: Raw Superfood Avocado Cake

Laine Rudolfa‘s Raw Superfood Avocado Cake is the ultimate healthy vegan birthday cake! On top of this, it is so smooth and creamy- you just have to try it!

8. Pink Lemonade Confetti Bundt CakeVegan Pink Lemonade Confetti Bundt Cake with glaze and sprinkles

Source: Pink Lemonade Confetti Bundt Cake


Gretchen Price‘s Pink Lemonade Confetti Bundt Cake would be perfect for a kids party! It’s bright, colorful, and so sweet!

9. Raw Chocolate Mud Cake Raw Chocolate Mud Cake

Source: Raw Chocolate Mud Cake

Sabrina Muscat‘s decadent Raw Chocolate Mud Cake would be the perfect vegan birthday cake for those who love chocolate!

10. Pecan Carrot CakePecan Carrot Cake

Source: Pecan Carrot Cake

Just look at how delicious Gabrielle St. Claire‘s Pecan Carrot Cake looks! The pecans add a lot of natural sweetness and flavor for a deliciously sweet cake!

11. Two-Sided Chocolate Cake Two-Sided Chocolate Cake [Vegan]

Source: Two-Sided Chocolate Cake

How pretty is Lenia Patsi‘s Two-Sided Chocolate Cake?! It features a deliciously cooling avocado cream and tons of chocolate flavor!

12. Rhubarb Champagne CakeRhubarb Champagne Cake

Source: Rhubarb Champagne Cake

Lisa Dobler‘s Rhubarb Champagne Cake is so fancy and beautiful! Try this cake for your friends that love all things pretty and pink!

13. Orange Creamsicle Cake With Candied Orange Peel Orange Creamsicle Cake With Candied Orange Peel [Vegan]

Source: Orange Creamsicle Cake With Candied Orange Peel

Jessica Bose‘s Orange Creamsicle Cake With Candied Orange Peel pulls in nostalgic flavor for a sweet and summery vegan birthday cake!

14. Chocolate Sponge Cake Vegan Gluten-Free Chocolate Sponge Cake Topped with Raspberries

Source: Chocolate Sponge Cake

Maja Tisma‘s Chocolate Sponge Cake is simple but so delicious! Try it with any frosting of your choice or opt for a topping of fresh berries like pictured here!

15. Golden Milk Pie With Sweet PotatoesVegan Golden Milk Pie with sweet potatoes with colorful toppings

Source: Golden Milk Pie With Sweet Potatoes

Deniz Kilic‘s Golden Milk Pie With Sweet Potatoes is more than just colorful and fun- it’s also delicious and healthy for you! Try this vegan birthday cake for someone who loves all things bright and vibrant!

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