With over half of milk drinkers considering dairy-free alternatives, food and beverage companies have made considerable efforts to bring their own brand of non-dairy milk to the quickly-growing market.

Soft drink giant and Coca-Cola rival PepsiCo is the latest company to jump aboard the plant-based milk train. Pepsi announced it would debut a brand-new slate of oat-based beverages in its domestic market in January.


Pepsi’s choice of oat milk isn’t surprising, considering it acquired quaker oats in back in 2001. PepsiCo is a major distributor of soft drinks, juices, and sports drinks such as Gatorade, Tropicana, and Mountain Dew.

In speaking to Just Food, PepsiCo Senior Marketing Director Brian Hannigan confirmed that the new drinks “will be available in retailers nationwide”, but Hannigan wouldn’t give greater details than that. He wouldn’t mention where the new oat-based beverage would be stoked, and declined to name the product directly.

Hannigan cited the ever-expanding number of people adopting a plant-based lifestyle, and said that he considered factors like heart health to a a “key factor” for consumers as they shop.

As health and food awareness continues to expand, companies will most likely compete with one another for their share of the market. If PepsiCo’s latest creation is a success, we should expect to see more companies following their lead.


Blend Your Own Dairy-Free Beverages

Can’t wait until January? Make your own non-dairy beverages with these recipes from the Food Monster App!

Chocolate Reishi Latte

Source: Chocolate Reishi Latte

Reishi mushroom is a mild adaptogen, which are herbs and spices that have been found to help reduce stress and balance hormones. This Chocolate Reishi Latte is a great way to incorporate the mushroom into your diet in an easy and delicious way! Maria and Alyssa Tosoni’s latte is a great pick-me-up with breakfast or at night to wind down with something warm and chocolatey.


 Sage and Black Tea Latte 

Getting ready for fall? Enter this lovely autumnal beverage! This Sage and Black Tea Latte by Courtney West is a super simple way to enjoy a fancy tea latte without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Oatmeal Latte 

Source: Oatmeal Latte

A creamy, hearty breakfast of this latté is a wonderful start to the day! Its a healthy shot of caffeine without any refined sugar! Yum! This Oatmeal Latte by Natasha Minocha is a dream! 


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