In the past year, Oatly went worldwide with their oat milk after producing it for a long time in Sweden. It quickly became a sensation taking over coffee orders at coffee shops and cafes. Since then they’ve launched other products such as canned coffee, yogurt, and more! They also launched vegan ice cream more than a year ago, but until recently it was only available in Sweden and select other countries. Now they’re officially launching vegan ice cream in the United States!

Oatly frozen mint chip ice cream

Source: Courtesy of Oatly


A cute, colorful truck was going around Los Angeles celebrating and promoting the upcoming ice cream release! The flavors available will include oat, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, chocolate chip, mint chip, and coffee. By the end of June, the ice cream will be in freezer aisles in select New York grocers. Later this summer, it will also be available in more northeast stores and in national retailers later in the fall, at the price of $5.99 a pint.

It’s exciting to know we can soon find another dairy-free ice cream in the frozen section of stores!

Make Your Own Dairy-Free Ice Cream!

Are you craving ice cream now? Until you can find Oatly’s new product in stores, treat yourself with these yummy dairy-free recipes from the Food Monster App!

1. Salted Caramel Ice Cream 

Easy, dairy-free salted caramel ice cream

Source: Salted Caramel Ice Cream


All you need to make this delicious Salted Caramel Ice Cream by Mitra Shirmohammadi is 6 wholesome ingredients you probably already have in the pantry! The sweetness and caramel flavor are coming from dates that are also key to the creamy consistency along with cashews and coconut milk.

2. Raw Raspberry and Chocolate Ice Cream 

Raw raspberry and chocolate ice cream

Source: Raw Raspberry and Chocolate Ice Cream


Ice cream pints tend to be those last-minute, indulgent purchases made when browsing the aisles of 711 for a little too long. While this is admittedly an easy solution to your ice cream craving, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as enjoying a bowl of ice cream you made yourself! The recipe for this Raw Raspberry and Chocolate Ice Cream by Clémence Moulaert is so easy and quick, we guarantee you’ll think twice about buying ice cream when you can just make it! This ice cream is raw, tart, sweet, and creamy, so buy some ice cream cones and scoop yourself some deliciousness!

3. Turmeric Ginger Ice Cream 

Dairy-free turmeric ginger ice cream

Source: Turmeric Ginger Ice Cream


This Turmeric Ginger Ice Cream by Julia Winnicki is surprisingly delicious! A well-balanced combination of ginger, turmeric and lemon zest creates this specific taste that is not overwhelming, but present. Lemon zest adds just a little subtle lemon taste that balances the ginger, and turmeric gives this ice cream nice yellow color, not to mention its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Topping it with crunchy toasted coconut flakes rounds it all up creating a great tropical healthy dessert. Definitely a must-try.

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