Okay, at this point it’s safe to say that we’re all obsessed with oat milk. Oat milk is life. Oat milk is a delicious alternative to the classic dairy-free milk options we’ve been enjoying for the past few years. Oat milk is new, and we love new. Around every corner, and in every coffee shop, Oatly is there in all its glory. Now, Oatly has released yet another delicious product; dairy-free canned coffee!

This week, Sweden-based vegan brand Oatly, announced three blended coffee beverages. They come in 8-ounce cans in three flavors: Mocha Latte, Matcha Latte, and Cold Brew Latte, all of which will easily be a hit for the warm-weather seasons.




The company said on Instagram, “It’s only available in Europe for now, but we hope to bring some more fun, oatsome things to the USA soon!” They also stated, “We made this new product and then we made this flowchart to help you figure out if this new product of ours is something that you might like to try.”

Oatly’s website states, “Oatly was founded back in the 1990s and is based on Swedish research from Lund University. The company’s patented enzyme technology copies nature’s own process and turns fiber-rich oats into nutritional liquid food that is perfectly designed for humans.”

The plant-based beverage industry is a $9.8 billion market projected to grow to over $16 billion in 2018, according to Innova Market Insights and oat milk is one of the driving factors.


Yay, Oatly!

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Lead image source: Oatly/Company Website