The demand for plant-based products has skyrocketed, with more people becoming educated on factory farming and animal agriculture, in addition to the impacts of diet on climate change.

In response to the boom of demand for plant-based products, Harvard Business School has created a whole new course dedicated to the plant-based business sector.

The course, titled “Opportunities in the Plant-Based Economy,” is being offered as a four-day intensive and will cover topics related to “products, ethics, and the environment.”

It’s aimed to help educate entrepreneurs, investors, and corporations on the plant-based market and the opportunities it holds, along with key issues it faces.

The course is broken down into four sections, one for each day:

1 – Orientation to the Plant-Based World

This section offers an introduction to the class and covers how the growth of plant-based living is
changing the world.

2 – Meet the Entrepreneurs

This section will cover cell-based meats and challenges in the plant-based sector.

3 – Plant-Based Diets and Wellness

This section provides insight on health and athleticism on a plant-based diet, along with touching on topics of animal laws and entrepreneurship.

4 – Meet the Investors

The last section of the course covers funding, investors, and a course wrap-up.

One Green Planet’s founder, Preeta Sinha, commented on the new course, “It’s encouraging to see Harvard and universities around the world embrace the impact and power of a plant-based economy by creating courses and curriculum for the climate-conscious workforce of the future.”

Mainstream education on plant-based business and its potential impacts, profits, and challenges could play a pivotal role in increasing awareness of the importance of a plant-based diet, as well as encourage people to go into the sector and create more sustainable products.

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